Oasis Recovery is a progressive network of recovery options based in Asheville, NC. We are dedicated to providing a supportive environment for people recovering from addiction and alcoholism. Through extensive avenues of support, our program aims to accompany and assist recovering individuals, throughout each phase of their process. Whether one is seeking intervention, needs an outpatient program or extended aftercare, we desire to empower those learning to face life, clean and sober. Through a diverse array of therapeutic services, with a focus on individualized care, our goal is to help facilitate freedom from addiction, alleviate suffering, renew inspired action, and uncover newfound purpose, for each individual who walks through our doors.

At Oasis Recovery, we understand that recovery is a process, in which each phase requires a certain corresponding level of care and attention. Our comprehensive program begins with determining an individual's need for detox and placing them in appropriate care for their needs. Following detox, they are ready to enter into our 30 day program with intensive around-the-clock supervision, followed by 60 days of outpatient care and finally, extended care with a structured discharge plan. Our clients also have the opportunity, after their 90 day initial program, to partake in a year long aftercare program, with every phase of one's journey through the program designed as a launching pad for future success. We are committed to the balance of body, mind, and spirit. With compassionate attention, and positive momentum, a foundation for lasting recovery and continued freedom from addiction is not only attainable, but inevitable.

Build A Better Life


We dispense hope. Hope that is there is a reason to keep going; That there is a solution; That anyone can find the relief they are yearning for without the use of drugs and alcohol; That anyone, no matter how far down the line of suffering and self-destruction they have gone, can find their reset button, can be absorbed in enough moments of co-creative healing, that they can build a better life from the rubble of a reality that doesn't serve them anymore.

Heal the body, mend the soul, take back control

3 Different Areas of Focus

We specialize in providing a safe, supportive environment for optimal wellness and recovery through Individualized Care, an Integral Model and an Atmosphere of Recovery


Individualized Care

At Oasis Recovery, we understand the value of diversity. That each individual's path to freedom has it's own unique array of healing components. Through a variety of services, opportunities for self-discovery, and compassionate individualized attention, we help each client build roots for lasting recovery and freedom.


Intergral Model

We aim to Integrate body, mind, and spirit, to access all avenues of support for healing. This involves including a diverse array of therapeutic techniques, services, and offerings, including: dialectical behavioral therapy, acupuncture, massage, art therapy, sound healing, yoga, adventure outings, and somatic awareness training.


Atmosphere of Recovery

Whether at our downtown treatment center, one of the 24/7 supervised living facilities, or on an adventure outing, we aim to create an environment in which those entrenched in the destruction of addiction can find a reset button, a space to find relief, and an expansive atmosphere for pausing to allow some peace and redirection. Ease, flow, Safety, and support- these are the qualities we aim to foster for those coming through our program.