At Oasis Recovery we desire to assist you, through every avenue possible, in finding freedom from the suffering of addiction. We aim to accompany you in your process wherever that begins, from intervention assistance to outpatient treatment and supervised living. It is our intention to support you in every step towards greater recovery. So where to begin? First of all, the decision to commit to asking and receiving help, through an email or a phone call, is a powerful step towards healing. And, for further information and mental preparation, we’ve mapped out some details of what goes into our admissions consultation, along with what goes into the process of admitting or re-directing those who need help:

Admissions Process

First Steps:

Our admissions specialist will gather information that may help us come up with an effective plan of action. Questions they might ask will pertain to:

• Past experience
• Mental health and medical history
• Substance use
• Relevant family information
• Any legal issues that might be in effect
• Current therapist’s and physician’s information
• Contact information
• Details about your insurance coverage

Other aspects that may be discussed in this first consultation include:

• Explanation of Oasis Recovery’s treatment program
• Intervention Coordination, if applicable
• Other referral’s where appropriate

Insurance Verification and Cost of Treatment:

During your first consultation, your admissions specialist will discuss treatment costs with you and verify insurance coverage. Most major insurance companies offer some, if not all treatment coverage. We also offer affordable, personalized private payment options. We will do all we can to work with you and find an avenue of support for all who come to us for help.

Upon Admission:

After setting a date for arrival, we will solidify important aspects of getting settled into our program, such as:

• Travel plans
• What to bring
• What to expect upon arrival