Treatment Overview

We Facilitate an Integral Approach to holistic mind/body/soul medicine

Oasis Recovery offers extensive avenues of support. Our program aims to accompany and assist recovering individuals, throughout each phase of their process. Whether one is seeking intervention, needs an outpatient program or extended aftercare, we desire to empower those learning to face life, clean and sober.

Our comprehensive program begins with determining an individual's need for detox and placing them in appropriate care for their needs. Following detox, they are ready to enter into our 30 day program with intensive around-the-clock supervision, followed by 60 days of outpatient care and finally, extended care with a structured discharge plan. Our clients also have the opportunity, after their 90 day initial program, to partake in a year long aftercare program.

Services We Offer:

Intervention Assistance

Outpatient Treatment

Supervised Sober Living

Family Counseling

Lifetime After Care

Psychiatric Support